Woman & Beauty Products vs Negative Reviews

The woman and beauty products industry has become one of the most significant retail industry segments, with products ranging from skincare to toiletry essentials and tools that women use daily. However, with a new product, so comes a critical customer review. In light of this, ReviewsBird is a website that posts online shopping reviews about women and beauty products under the online shop and general segments.

What makes a pleasant shopping experience?

Several factors determine a pleasant online shopping experience, the primary two being products and services. Great brand experience consists of easily navigable and user-friendly online store designs, consistently high-quality delivered products, and prioritised customer service in which the customer gets special attention. The epitome of shopping is to find valuable products while receiving excellent customer service. In addition, the advantage of excellent customer service increases the customer decisions and willingness to shop again, which ultimately increases sales for the cosmetic brand. For these reasons, it is essential for brands promoting women and beauty products, especially to be transparent with their customer demographic and stay laser-focused on promoting the most pleasant shopping experience imaginable.

Backfire of Online Reviews

Online reviews, specifically negative ones, can frequently backfire and cause brands a massive loss of web traffic and revenue. It is simply impossible to develop and deliver a beauty product that will suit the needs of every single woman. Most of the time, positive reviews lead to customers buying online and returning the products, which are costly for retailers. Inevitably, customers are more likely to share their negative thoughts about the product than their good ones and are more willing to trust collective opinions than individuals with a sinister and bizarre experience.

Why Negative Reviews are Good for Business

Although negative reviews can feel like a punch in the gut, online research results have proven that online reviews ranging between 1-2 stars can benefit your business in three critical ways listed below:

  1. Negative reviews may help you build trust with your shoppers. However, room for improvement developed between past and present reviews and transparency from the brand shown by displaying honest feedback from other shoppers. Honest feedback and transparency let customers know you are not hiding anything and trustworthy of truthful information.
  2. Increased product sales result from negative reviews with purchase probability peaking with an average star rating of 4.2 and 4.5 stars.
  3. Negative reviews help customers make better purchasing decisions because two-thirds of online shoppers filter for one-star reviews and convert at 108% of the general web traffic.

How to Prioritize Online Reviews

It may be easier to prevent a dig at your business than to spend time and effort cleaning a mess up, this mess being a bad reputation due to negative online reviews. To prioritise online reviews, beauty brands need to respond to negative feedback. Additionally, they can provide optimal service and offer incentives to customers who post reviews without considering that the reviews must be positive. Most customers who leave a terrible review want to know that the brand has acknowledged their experience. For this reason, brands should always respond to reviews with tact and offer an excellent solution to the customer’s problem. These points will help your business long-term and remind customers that you care about the service you have provided.