Like other home décor items that are useful to enhance the beauty of home interior-designing curtains also play an important role in increasing the delicacy of living rooms, bedrooms, and guestrooms. But their rug cleaning is not so simple as other things. They require special cleaning agents and techniques to clean them carefully. Curtains enhance the beauty of the windows, and you can get them in a variety of designs and styles, but they also require regular cleaning to maintain the overall room conditions. If you wish that the curtains of your property or home look clean and tidy all the time, then efforts are definitely required in the right direction. There is no need to worry about curtain cleanings at all, if you know the proper techniques and have enough understanding of the fabrics and materials of the curtain to apply appropriate methods of cleaning or washing.

There are many types of curtains that can be machine-washed but some are machine-sensitive and they must be hand-washed. Vacuuming is also an alternate of machine-cleaning of curtains at home. Additionally,  if the curtain fabric is much expensive and delicate, then it is better to get cleaning services from professionally trained cleaners. In short, different curtains depending on their material and stuff require different levels of care and cleaning approaches.

Curtains also absorb smells and are sensitive for cooking aromas, cigarette smoke, and many other smells along with dust and stains that eventually affect the overall ambiance of the home. Moreover, exposure to direct sunlight and stains can negatively affect on colors of carpets. Therefore it is necessary to take well care of them and keep them clean.

For cleaning many curtains and even carpets, a soft brush is much effective to get rid of everyday dust but for some curtains with different materials and fabrics, few special caring approaches are also adopted.

Using regular detergents manually is a well-suggested approach but before applying detergents, never forget to check the cloth of the curtain as certain stuff require dry cleaning and hand-washing can damage such material. A mild soap or detergent can protect any damage and hand-washing reduces the risk of shrinking  especially in curtains that are purely made of cotton. Washing-machine can be the ideal option for such curtains that are lightweight, and always remember to read the instructions that are mentioned on the label of curtains, before putting them in washing machine.

Steam cleaning is highly suggested for heavy fabric curtains and is rated as one of the most convenient approaches in this regard. Avoid over-use of detergents as it fades the color of curtains and ultimately gives your curtain a shabby look over time. Then, the only solution for such curtains lies in cleaning them professionally.

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