Because kidney stones are one of the most painful conditions to suffer from, find the right treatment is essential. Because surgery may be required, if someone is experiencing severe pain, medical help should sought. While it can take some time, most of the time you can dissolve or pass kidney stones on your own. The following are treatments for kidney stones that your doctor might suggest and some alternative remedies to try.

You can help flush out kidney stones with fruits, which can be very helpful for detoxing your body. For people who love orange juice, drinking a glass of pure, unsweetened orange juice every day can help you pass kidney stones. Drinking one glass of orange juice every day can be beneficial but be sure not to get carried away because too much vitamin C is not good if you have kidney stones. When you have kidney stones, another healthy fruit you can eat is watermelon. You can simply eat the fruit or drink watermelon juice. Pure apple juice can also be beneficial. Lemons are also very good for your kidneys. You can try putting a slice of lemon in your water or making a natural lemonade; just avoid using too much sugar.

It’s always a good idea to not eat too much salt but especially when treating kidney stones. Salt increases the amount of calcium in your urine which can contribute to the formation of kidney stones. Salt also causes dehydration, working against the water and other fluids you are consuming. Most people consume too much salt which is especially bad when you have kidney stones. It’s not easy to reduce your intake of salt, as it’s contained in high quantities in just about all processed foods. That’s why you should try to eat more unprocessed and raw foods to help your body detox and avoid salt and other harmful ingredients.

A high number of people who take vitamins and supplements think Vitamin C is some kind of cure-all, although when it comes to kidney stones you should regulate this vitamin. While it can be helpful to eat certain fruits or drink fruit juices that are high in Vitamin C, taking mega doses of this vitamin can actually be harmful, as the body converts Vitamin C to oxalate, which causes calcium build up that can form kidney stones. This doesn’t mean that you should feel troubled over taking in any Vitamin C, because you need a specified amount, although if you do have kidney stones don’t take any Vitamin C supplements, due to these supplying you with many times the recommended daily allowance.

The above treatments are just a few of the many available for kidney stones. There are many natural remedies and lifestyle changes you can make that will help you recover from your kidney stones more quickly. Make sure you avoid foods and beverages that make it harder for you to get rid of your kidney stones.


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