Net worth: $ 370 million

Birthday: April 7, 1954 (65 years of age)

Sex: Male

Height: 5 feet and 8 inches (1.74 meters)

Occupation: Actor, Director, Director, Screenwriter, Military Artist, Singer, TV Producer, Entrepreneur, Comedy

Nationality: Hong Kong

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is a star conceived in Hong Kong with a net worth of 370 million. Chan Kong Sang was born in Hong Kong on April 7, 1954. Watchers around the globe today perceive Jackie as a popular star in many intriguing movies. Outside the theatre, Jackie is a move architect, movie producer, entertainer, maker, military craftsman, screenwriter, specialist, artist and trick auntie. Jackie Chan is known for his gymnastic battling style, comic style, and timing.

He does his most celebrated tricks. Chan, who originally showed up with ‘Snake in the Shadow of the Eagle’ in 1978, has shown up in excess of 100 movies during her profession as a social image of her country. He is otherwise called a vocalist in Hong Kong, well known for his rhythms in ‘Cantopop’ and ‘Mandopop’. Jackie Chan’s name likewise shows up on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s fun and alluring and is well known among motion picture buffs in Hong Kong and the United States.

Awards and Achievements

Jackie is maybe the most Western group of spectators for his appearance in Rush Hour, which has just produced combined increases of $ 845 million around the world. He began playing in 1962 when he was only a tyke. In 2016, Chan got the Academy Award for Outstanding Achievement.

He has won various awards in various genres, including various Hong Kong film grants, Children’s Choice Awards, and MTV Film Awards. In 1988, Jackie Chan won male actor award in The Heart of the Dragon in 2005. He has distributed in excess of 10 collections, including his form of the official collection of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. He wedded on-screen character Joan Lin in 1982 and has two kids, including entertainer and vocalist Jaycee Chan. His parents Charles and Lee Chan were seen in the film ‘History of Three Cities’.

Jackie Chan net worth:  370 million dollars

Jackie Chan wins

Pinnacle hour $ 15,000,000 15% of the aggregate

Surge hour 2 $ 15,000,000 % of aggregate

Back to Shanghai $ 5,000,000

Gross benefit $ 35 million

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Jackie Chan is Forbes’ second-best rundown after a magazine including entertainers from outside the American film industry

The 61-year-old is second after Robert Downey Jr.

The fame of Jackie Chan

  • Jackie Chan rose to second place in Forbes’ most generously compensated rankings in the wake of growing the yearly magazine, which incorporated the rich, to those working outside the American film industry.
  • With offers of just $ 50 million a year ago alone, Chan is second after Robert Downey Jr., who leads the rankings for the third year straight with 80% yearly income. Millions (51 million pounds).
  • This is the principal year that Forbes has extended its rundown to incorporate on-screen characters working outside the US film industry.
  • Subsequently, five Bollywood films and a British entertainer, Daniel Craig, show up on the rundown of 34 stars.
  • In spite of the fact that his most recent film, Dragon Blade, has not yet been screened in the US, he has earned $ 120 million (£ 76,000,000) in China, which would have earned him more than $ 10 million. GBP (6400000) alone. Chan’s riches lies not just in the movies – despite the fact that he likewise partook in Johnny Knoxville’s Skiptrace competition, to be propelled in the not so distant future – the 61-year-old has hoarded his ‘mark’ to incorporate Branded items, With its name and Segway exchange. Forbes gauges its Jackie Chan net worth at $ 350 million (£ 224,000,000).


‘Jackie Chan is essentially Mickey Mouse for Chinese culture and he is popular around the globe, so his name is tight,’ said Grady Hendrix, fellow benefactor of the New York Asian Film Festival in New York.

Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, is positioned first, as is Adam Sandler, despite the fact that faultfinders have recognized nearly all that he has done as of late.

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