You hear about it every time you turn on the television or radio. You see it on billboards and in newspapers and magazines. Everywhere you look, you see ads telling you to lose weight. There is a good reason behind all of this, as there are now more people overweight by percentage, than there has ever been in history. Maybe you have been thinking about taking the plunge and losing a few excess pounds, but do you know for sure if it is really time to lose weight?
If you have been thinking about losing weight, then it may be time for you to look over the surefire signs that it is indeed time for you to shed those unwanted pounds. When it comes to weight reduction, there are three very good indicators which will let you know that it is time to begin drafting your weight loss plan.
The obvious sign you need to lose a few pounds is if you actually are overweight. You can tell just by looking at yourself in the mirror whether or not you are in good shape. Certainly if you are thirty pounds or more over your suggested weight, then it is time to do something to bring down the weight.
Along the same lines, you may have been denying the fact that you are on the heavy side. If someone you know mentions it looks as though you have put on a little weight, that’s a key sign you need to evaluate your weight. This could be a family member, as they are more prone to tell you than a friend, or it could be your doctor. Either way, don’t get upset, look at the comment objectively and make a fair decision.
Are you finding it harder to do the things you used to because you tire easily? This is also a classic sign of being over weight. As you get heavier, you body has to work harder to do the same amount of work it used to do, so your breathing may become labored, resulting in you getting tired quickly.
The final and absolutely indisputable sign that you may need to lose weight is you find your clothes are shrinking, or are they? Maybe that is you getting bigger! Your clothes never lie, and don’t even think of pulling the old “dryer shrunk my pants” bit, because that simply isn’t the truth. If you have a weight problem, do something about it before it becomes a real health concern. You owe it yourself to be the best “you” possible, and that means a healthy you!

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