It could be a hard task of finishing an 80 lower receiver and making AR 15 if you are not properly up for this. You must be knowing how to get these finishing services and there are few steps involved in this process. Better to know these steps to get your first finishing process done rightly.

The user must be well aware of both the physical and legal connections of this product. It’s an unfinished AR-15 lower receiver which is made up of aluminum alloys. As it’s incomplete so it doesn’t come under the firearm section. Giving you the complete freedom of building it home saving a lot of money.

Federally, You face some slack laws when building a firearm. All you need is to stay legal for this process to avoid any hard restriction and you can build a semi-automated rifle on your own.

The rules and regulations are definitely different from state to state. So, you must be aware of the imposition of all your state rules.

Now the turn is choosing an 80 lower receiver and you can select your own choice. Just keep in mind a few things like structure type, caliber beauty and of course finish. You must be clear either you want to go for forged or will select a billet. Your choice will be rough aluminum body, plain jane or a phosphate coated structure? You would select a .308 or a 5.56 or maybe a 9mm?

Now to get a finished 80 lower receiver you must have a complete 80 lower kit.  Owning a complete kit will help you to build an 80 lower receiver at home easily and trust us it would not take much time. To build an 80 lower you will need an 80 lower jig. This will definitely help you jo complete this finishing process and make a complete and sturdy AR-15 firearm

Not a simple process of course but a bit of interest and detailed understanding of the exact process will make this task easiest. And here we go!

Ending up!

Now the list is ready. You have the 80 lower, complete tools and a detailed guide now what more? Just go for it and make your 80 lower completed to build an AR-15.

So, once you have done this task and 80 lower is completed then congrats you have owned an AR-15 stripped lower receiver. Now pick up the buffer, tube, upper, barrel, handguards, muzzle device, and all other related items and you can also join the lower with uppers. 

The thing to remember is, either you are going for the lower or upper receiver, you must keep in mind all state laws. Every state issues the different types of restrictions and firearm laws.

Safety is important and the same as to follow the state laws

The journey from unfinished to finished lower receiver instantly turns up the simple firearm into a rifle that falls under the FFL and state laws of firearms. Following this complete process, you can get the finishing 80 lower receiver services.


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