There are some clear-cut signs that can be helpful to check out if an oriental rug cleaning NYC is real or fake. There is no formula for this rug category to authenticate its antiquity via surfing through the sites like Craigslist and eBay and even Mortar and Brick carpet stores are considered shady by some people.

  • The handmade original oriental rug will always have a soft backing whose design is exactly as same as the top pile like a mirror image. Keep in mind that the rug is not a hand-knotted and authentic oriental rug if the back is not a mirror image of the top front.
  • The top profile of the rug is made from fake material and the sign it’s back which is hard plastic instead of soft backing.
  • Run-on the Persian Rug Cleaners as fast as possible especially in case of an antique oriental rug to check out its reality. If you hear ink, smell or see ink, this proves that holes, fading, cuts, and bald spots are covered up by the seller hoping that the purchaser would not notice the deformity.
  • To buy an authentic oriental rug, check out its fabric.
  • A genuine, trustworthy oriental rug is made of pure wool.
  • If your carpet was unexpectedly inexpensive, it is definitely not a real hand-knotted one. It’s the sign that it was fabricated with unstable dyes.
  • An original reliable rug can withstand the over-dying process easily. You can apply this technique to inspect its validity. The bleaching solution that de-saturates will break down the bonds of the glue of a tufted rug.
  • Another test of the real rug is related to check the fringe, which is the prime structural element of the loom. Simply flip the rug on its back, you will observe that the fringe is either sew on or glued. The knots are tied around this crucial element.

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