There is a strong connection between obesity and erectile dysfunction. When a person becomes obese, his risk to get erectile dysfunction increases rapidly. A majority of obese men complain about erectile dysfunction and start taking medicines for it. Suppose that you are overweight or obese and buy generic priligy 60mg in Australia to treat erectile dysfunction. Being the best medicine, will surely work for you but still, it’s crucial to lose weight. Otherwise, you may succeed in treating erectile dysfunction but obesity would invite a lot of other health issues. Therefore, it is important to lose weight to get rid of erectile dysfunction and many such health issues.

How does obesity cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Due to unhealthy lifestyle or consuming large portions of unhealthy food, the chances to get obese increases. If a person becomes overweight for any reason, his body starts accumulating unsaturated fats. In such a situation, the amount of testosterone hormone starts to decrease in the body. Here, you must know that testosterone is the hormone that helps in intensifying your sex drive or boosts it. Obesity is a silent killer of testosterone and rapidly lowers this hormone inside the body of an obese person. As a result, the person feels no more sex drive or a very less drive for having sex. When there are no intentions for having sex, the penis fails to get erect. In this way, obesity plays a very deep role in treating erectile dysfunction by lowering testosterone and sex drive.

What does the research show?

The research shows that approximately 70% of obese men have a low sex drive in Australia. According to research, if your waist size increases to 4 inches than your ideal waist size, there are 75% chances of having low testosterone. At the same time, erectile dysfunction is greater in men who are obese than those who are physically fit. Various studies also reveal that after losing weight to an ideal one, 85% of men regain their sex drive and erections. From this, you may have an idea about how important it is to lose weight or how dreadful obesity is.

Weight Loss Tips for Improving Erection

For improving the erection, here are the following weight loss tips that you must practice.

  • Say goodbye to fast food, junk food, processed food, and fried stuff. All of these things provide no energy to your body but only harmful trans fats and carbohydrates. These fats and carbs only result in gaining more weight while losing erection but no potential benefit to the body.
  • Start doing yoga and physical workout to burn your extra calories. Engaging yourself in physical activity would not only help in losing weight but it would also help in improving blood flow. When there will be improved blood flow, it will reach to every thin vessel and aid in the erection.
  • Get a proper sleep because a lack of sleep results in weight loss and erectile disorder due to muscle fatigue.

Do Medications Help?

Losing weight is not a thing of hours or days. Instead, it takes months or sometimes years to get back to your ideal body weight. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have sex during your weight loss journey. You would definitely feel sex drive during your weight-loss journey but you need medications to achieve an erection at that time. So, it is the best idea to take some highly effective, safe, and reliable medicines to treat erectile dysfunction. For this, you may buy generic Cialis soft tabs 20mg in Australia if there is a need for a stronger dosage. Otherwise, you may look for other effective medications to treat erectile dysfunction in Australia.


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