The true hockey fans know that it is important to show our National Hockey League pride whenever possible. One of the best ways to show everyone just how much we love hockey is to wear our hockey jerseys as often as we can. Not only will wearing our jerseys around everywhere support the team we favor but it will also hopefully convert people to hockey fans by opening conversation and getting public interest involved.

There is nothing more spectacular than looking out amongst the stands during a hockey game and seeing just about every single person in the stadium wearing the same hockey jersey. If you don’t wear your jerseys anywhere else, you must wear them to the hockey games. Better yet, wear them to and from the hockey game as well. Make a day of it, wear your hockey jersey to work before the game and then wear it to the game. Spread the interest and let everyone know that you are going to the game tonight and they should too.

When you’re out with your buddies having a few beers down at the local watering hole you are missing an ample opportunity to show your support for the National Hockey League if you aren’t wearing your favorite hockey jersey. Bars are social atmospheres and that makes them great places to advertise so get to it! Wear your hockey jersey to every bar you go to, as long as you are drinking beer and talking about the sport no one will know that you’re secretly trying to convert them to hockey fans.

This should be a no brainer but if you are a hockey fan you should also love playing hockey. That means you’re going to get out on the rink, be it ice or cement, and play hockey as much as you possibly can. That also means that you should be wearing your hockey jerseys out on the rink as much as possible too. I like to own one home and one away jersey so that I can switch colors during pick up games to balance the teams.

While you’re reading this article you should be wearing a hockey jersey. Even though no one else can see you while you are sitting around your house you should still do your best to wear a hockey jersey so that you get in the habit of putting it on. If you wear it all the time around the house you will eventually start wearing it all the time out in public and that’s exactly what we want.

The goal of this hockey jersey wearing exercise is to draw attention to the fans of the sport so that the sport itself gets more attention. The more people that go out every day wearing a hockey jersey instead of a regular shirt the more people will get interested in the sport. It is sort of like subliminal messaging. The more a person sees hockey paraphernalia, the more they are going to get curious about it and the more passionate they will become in following it.


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