All over the world, the best sports are played very much. Some people play them as a hobby, careers or some people as a fitness tracker. Many games have become very popular and a lot of people follow them all over the world. Each game has some different rules and regulations that are made and implemented by international bodies.

These popular games are performed by different countries against each other in the Olympic Games. Where these sports are held, people of those places earn billions of dollars as these sports are also a profitable business.

Especially, developed countries get maximum revenue from sports. In this article, we have gathered a deep knowledge of the best sports in the world. We have made a list below of these popular games. these are:

Golf(Having fans of 450 Million):

Golf is one of the most popular game in the world and there are approximately in all over the world 450 Million people follow this game. North America, Western Europe, and East Asia are the main areas of this game.

in Golf, for hitting the ball, different clubs are used over a fixed path and counted strokes are allowed. Scotland is the base of this game and then it was spread to the UK and all over the world.

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Field Hockey (Having Fans of 2 Billion)

Field hockey is a well-played game throughout the world and according to an estimation there are globally 2 billion fans and followers are of this game. This game is mostly played in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Very first time in the 1800s, this sport of field hockey was invented in England.

The difference between soccer and hockey is that sticks are used in hockey to hit the ball while feet are used in soccer to hit the ball. This game is very popular in Pakistan, India, and Australia. It is the national game of Pakistan that has a strong team of this game.

Cricket (Game of 2.5 Billion Fans)

Definitely, Cricket is a very popular sport all over the world. According to a global survey, there are 2.5 billion persons are followers of this game. If we discuss the invention of this game, then in the 16th Century, it was invented in England and was introduced in the 18th century as an international game from the same country.

This game is mostly played in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries and is also very famous in former British colonies such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Australia. The rule of this sport is that there are two reams in this game and each team has eleven players. That team would be the winner which attempts maximum scores.

Association Football (Soccer) (4 Billion of Fans)

Association football also called soccer, has top of the followers as there are near about more than half of the world’s population are fans of this game. Approximately 4.0 billion persons enjoy this game. This game is considered as the best fitness tracker. This sport was initially played in the 2nd Century in China. But it is considered that the Romans, Greeks, and Japanese are also the first players of this game. This game attains popularity from England.

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