Today, everybody has a fitness tracker in its hardware equipment. If you are in search of the best fitness trackers, there is a huge variety of best wearables as an option which has a lot of benefits for you. As there are a lot of choices for this equipment so that everyone is confused about selection because all of them are best for one another.

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Best Fitness Trackers

Now, we are going to discuss some best fitness trackers from all over the world that are very famous and give the best returns to their users.

Fitbit charge

At this time, Fitbit charge 3 is considered as the best fitness tracker. people use it very much and also liked it a lot and it is a full fitness tracker. it has been made by redesigning its old model. it is slimmer in look and refined and its body is waterproof a touch screen is also adjusted in it. Fitbit Charge 3 is the best fitness tracker

its Major characteristics are:

  • Heart rate is tracked.
  • It also monitors the sleeping time
  • Swimming is also tracked
  • GPS is Connected in it
  • Pay for Fitbit which is an optional
  • It tracks the steps and VO2 Max data is also analyzed
  • SpO2 sensor are available
  • There are breathing exercises guider
  • iOS and Android are also connected

Xiaomi Mi Band

there is no much difference between its new and old generation. The size of its colored screen is 0.95 inch which is AMOLED whose resolution of 120*240. It is not much expensive than old models. Xiaomi Mi band 4 features are mentioned below. And it’s super fun to use. This is the best fitness tracker.

  • Heart rate tracker is available in it
  • It has Waterproof quality
  • It contains swimming tracker
  • Contactless NFC for payments.
  • Step tracker also exist
  • sleeping tracker is also present
  • music control system
  • it is notification supported
  • iOS and Android are also supported


Honor band Best Fitness trackers

many people prefer its design and Xiaomi  Mi Band 4is adjusted. Its prices are affordable. As it is available at cheap rates but has a lot of qualities. this is a perfect choice for use. Its characteristics are given below:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Water resistance
  • step tracker exists
  • sleeping monitor
  • it tracks ten exercises
  • SpO2 is monitored
  • Phone notifications are available
  • 14-days battery timing
  • Android and iOS supporter

Garmin Vivosport Fitness tracker

It fulfills the quality and production needs. It is the best choice to track your particular potentials. definitely, this is the best fitness tracker having both qualities of GPS and heart tracker. It is the best option for Runners. advantages of This Garmin vivioport are the following:

  • It has Built-in GPS
  • Heart rate tracker
  • Sports modes tracker
  • Advanced heart metrics exists
  • 7-days battery timing
  • Notification supporter
  • Connection of iOS and Android

Garmin vivosmart

this is the best option having slimmer look. Its features are:

  • it monitors the Heart rate and steps
  • exercise detection is automated.
  • VO2 Max and easily count gym exercises.
  • iOS and Android connected

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